Saturday, August 26, 2006

Salam Sejahtera

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful.

In 1991 at the age of 28, I sat for the Part 3 Exam and passed. To this day I think I was plain lucky. It was the late Szeto Kok Yin who interviewed me after the exam. The casual interview and his appreciative words 'welcome to the profession' made me believe I had made it even before the result was out. Now 15 years later, I wonder if I had fairly given back of the so much that I have learnt and earned through this profession. This blog, in any small way I hope would help.
Since 1996, a small group of young aspiring architects in Kuala Terengganu had been a very supportive band of 'students' in my lecture series. Over the decade, few of them had passed the exam and few more are trying 'very hard'. More than anything else, they made me a student again. To teach I have to learn.
My collection of lecture notes over the last decades and some new ones will be posted progressively through this blog. Some may require editing because of the changes over time. At the same time too, my effort to translate and analyse the PAM Contract in Bahasa Melayu would be posted in ''. All this I hope will enable the knowledge to be made available across a wider spectrum of the current and would-be practitioners.
All that is on this blog is free to be used, distributed and copied in any means - provided that you have my permission. And if you are making money from it (when I'm not) know that I reserve my rights to parts of it later.
I would be grateful for sincere comments. Thank you.
Ar. Nasharuddin Haji Abdul Majid
Arkitek Punca Cipta
Kuala Terengganu


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